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The second type of activity is characterized by prevalence of the evident and figurative, informing and structuring functions of signs, and sign an are more flexible though are also set in certain sign and models, need to make operations of decoding of difficult messages (forms, patterns is prevailing. In this are widely used video terminals. An example of this kind is the of the dispatcher of the Department of Internal Affairs, the reviewer-researcher, head.

Computer education to which a lot of attention is paid recently, has to include not only and not so much knowledge of the device of computers, how many ability to use them in a professional. Different categories of users require the differentiated training in informatics.

The correct description interrogated appearance of a, especially lines of his face is more difficult. A. A. Bodalev's experiments showed that in the majority of opinion of people when they characterize color of eyes, a hair of the person, a shape of his face, size of a forehead, mouth etc., do not coincide.

Thus, when forming figurative and conceptual model of activity information system of visions, verbal and components which unite for the solution of certain tasks is created and carry out in this process different functions: informative and operating.

Ability to symbolization (sign function) by one of the most important lines of human activity. The sign is means and the tool of knowledge of objective activity, but at the same time it is necessary to understand nature of the mediated communication of a sign and the designated subject in reflective activity of a human brain. The essence of this communication consists that signs are carriers and of fixing of fancies of the designated subjects. Signs are means of the abstract and generalized reflective activity, in the conditions of communication.

The system of processing of sign information joins in the general structure of the identity of the person and is closely connected with intelligence, individual ­ features, an orientation of the particular person. Therefore ways of presentation of information have to be estimated taking into account features of the user.

the humanity and warmth of the human relations disappears. The computer generalizes and formalizes rational knowledge, but besides consciousness in the person is also subconsciousness, and also a difficult complex of emotions. It is impossible to computerize love, intuition and so forth. And therefore these parties of human nature in the electronic world simply are absent.

Information approach helps us to allocate their essence which can be replaced with a sign with subjects. Between a sign and it a subject is functional the relation owing to which the sign is capable to act for the interpreter as means of perception, transfer, transformation and storage of information.