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Process of internationalization appears as result first of all of the international cooperation of production, development of the international division of labor, as development of public nature of production internationally.

Both Bangladesh and Costa Rica treat group of developing countries, with only that difference that Bangladesh treats category of the countries with the low level of the income, and Costa Rica – with average. Without looking that these countries rather different, in their characteristics and features it is possible to allocate a number of lines and characteristics. It is possible to carry to number of these lines:

The purpose of this task is the analysis and comparison of level of social and economic development of the countries. For consideration such countries as Bangladesh and Costa Rica, and also groups of the countries to which they can be carried will be used.

Value of an index of human development in both countries is only insignificant below (0,365 and 0,884 respectively) than an average on group (0,396 and 0,901 respectively), and the indicator of Costa Rica is higher average world (0,7

Increase of the external economic factor in economic development. Considerably scales grew and qualitatively nature of traditional international trade in the substantiated goods, and also services changed. There was "electronic trading", i.e. trade in system the Internet;

Indicators of specific weight of pupils in the relevant age group, apparently from the table at Bangladesh are very small that testifies to very low education level of the population. But at Costa Rica they much higher also come nearer to the universal.