Htgawm Amirah Vann Talks To Write In Deep Pov

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Besides some time also happens it is necessary for completion of process of experience. If during the story of the client there is an important material and there is an expression of the related feelings, the simplification of emotional reaction and its end by the end of conversation becomes the purpose of a final phase of consultation.

Stage 2 – the Problem. A problem of this stage – to help the client with definition and clearing of a problem and the conflict connected with a problem. The conflict can have many reasons. At the end the client has to designate the problem.

At the end of an initial phase of conversation be convinced that you learned about the main complaints of the client and ask: Whether "There is still something, what you are disturbed?" After that happens it is useful to summarize complaints, that is briefly to list the complaints stated by the client, and also ideas accompanying them and feelings. Function of summation at this stage consists in the summarizing expression of complaints of the client and those reasons which were stated by the client.

In summary, I would like to add that time for record of the content of consultation (the main subjects, the facts of history, hypotheses, difficulties, etc.) comes right after consultation. And though happens very difficult to concentrate the attention and to write down the content of conversation directly after it if not to make it, important information can be irrevocably lost.

In a situation of sharp transition by the client to a statement of a new subject direct manifestation of control from the consultant can look, for example, as follows: "I understood that it is important for you, but we could not return to what you told about your problems at work earlier and to tell about them?"