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The same who rejects both of these colors, also cannot take out more intense pressure (-green) and the irritating excitement (-yellow). In this case the ambition is slowed so down by neurotic fear that the indifferent and negligent manner of behavior is evident expressly.

Many people inclined to excitement and not maintaining it for an appreciable length of time, prefer darkly – blue color. They look for rest, a discharge and rest. Their purpose – to have opportunity to live in the world and harmony. As their the general, mental and – the nervous somatic state does not maintain exciting influences any more, they reject exciting red color.

Destruction is subjective – objective contrasts, mystical, magic, magic, capable to destroy contrast between desire and reality, it is violet color. In it its magic, and this magic – its charm.

At the people preferring or light it is yellow, – green, or more dark it is brown – green, the relation to itself opposite. They achieve not self-affirmation, but excitement from the outside: at the light it is yellow, – green – by means of new meetings, at it is brown – green – by means of pleasures.

In the nature the sun is seldom painted in yellow color, we see it as a dazzle light or as shining orange if it is above the horizon. And still idea of yellow color easily coordinates at us with the sun, as well as at the children drawing the sun the yellow. Yellow color is perceived by us as the sun, light and sparkling. Yellow color – easy, shining, exciting, and therefore – warming.

In categories of time the green expresses the stiffened duration, yellow, on the contrary, corresponds to the uncertain future and yet not carried out opportunities. Yellow it is excited – tensely aspires to an outcome, that is forward, to the expected better future.

Thirst for a surface is characteristic for yellow color in many respects. Brightness yellow and the polished brilliant surface supplement each other, creating magnificence of brilliant gold. Yellow as color of a surface, without hiding secrets, and neither Goethe, nor Kandinsky do not open for us about essence of yellow color anything of that kind that we would not perceive.

Various shades of green color show a variety the attitude to themselves. Pure as a crystal, rigid Xing, – green color is preferred by people who impose to themselves strict requirements, make the views a principle and achieve its observance with irreconcilable sequence. To remain faithful to, to fulfill the chosen obligation, it is rather to retire with the offense, than to capitulate and adapt, - it is demanded by pride Xing, – regulation green itself. It, actually, the highest degree of strong-willed tension, but it makes excessively great demands of nervous vegetative system as the sufficient discharge is absent.

The visible range for the average person begins with red and comes to an end with the violet. However, the person is able to see colors and neutral, for example, purple, karminny and so on. And there is slightly less than opposite end of a range – violet. However, professionals, kamvolshchitsa for example, distinguish to 40 shades of black color.

From major importance of blue color the infinite set of special values and opportunities from which only some are mentioned here develops. Blue color as the raised susceptibility is the prerequisite of ability of penetration, esthetic experiences and thoughtful reflections.

Red paint sometimes shades (to the brown!) called the all-Slavic word. From it there were names crimson and crimson. Crimson designate dense red color, and crimson – pure bright red color. For example, crimson glow – a crimson decline.

Dark Xing, – green gains rigidity and weight of stubborn competition, sudden isolation and inveterate arrogance. At plants twilight Xing, – green it is used for coloring of the bearing steel structures, especially if support are against light-– a gray concrete or silicate wall, or red brick.

In this combination vital energy of red color is not repaid, collects and braked. The impulse is controlled and restrains, force also restrains. From there is a majestic magnificence of purple color, and in Xing, – red – gentle restraint and thinning of the inducing impulse.